Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cute Animal Chapter Books

The "Dr. KittyCat" series from Jane Clarke, published in the United States by Scholastic, is about as adorable as you can get. Dr. KittyCat, with her mouse assistant Peanut, helps all the little animals of Thistletown with their medical and sometimes not-so-medical issues. Each little critter, such as Posy the Puppy or Clover the Bunny, gets into some type of trouble and Dr. KittyCat is called in. Sometimes the patient isn’t suffering from a health malady…sometimes the li'l darling has stage fright or a fear of the dark. But with the help of Dr. KittyCat, Peanut, and all the animal friends, a happy resolution is found! The art is charming: photographs of real animals with line drawings superimposed and in the background. 

The latest title in the series is Pumpkin the Hamster. He fell down a hole that he didn't see because of poor vision.

Here he is after Dr. KittyCat diagnoses the problem and fits him for glasses. A happy hammie!

This sweet chapter book series (the titles of which don’t have to be read in order) is for animal lovers ages 7 to 9.  Read more about the author and her titles at http://www.jane-clarke.co.uk/.

Some perfect partner titles/series for this age are:

“Pet Rescue Adventures” by Holly Webb, published by Tiger Tales. There are a lot of titles in this series (so there’s something for everyone!) but since I’m a cat lover, I had these two cover images handy. Cute, right?!

“Zoe’s Rescue Zoo” by Amelia Cobb, published by Scholastic. Sample title is The Lonely Lion Cub.

“Animal Rescue Center” by Tina Nolan, published by Tiger Tales. Sample title is The Unwanted Puppy.

As I discover more animal-related chapter books, I'll be sure to blog about them!

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