Thursday, March 30, 2017

Zelda's Big Adventure

WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG where we're gonna talk about books... and cats... and hopefully, books about cats! (and other stuff, too)

However, in honor of my new baby chicks...

(photographed in middle Tennessee, March 18, 2017)

... my FIRST blog post is going to be for a FOWL picture book coming this fall from Clarion Books, an imprint of Houghton Mifflin. Author Marie Alafaci (with illustrations by Shane McG) tells us about ZELDA'S BIG ADVENTURE! 

Zelda the chicken has aspirations: she wants to travel to outer space. And, even if she has to do it all by herself, she's gonna build her spaceship and make her dream come true! (Feeling a hint of The Little Red Hen here?).

Zelda is my hero! She builds that rocket, launches it, and travels among the planets, conducting experiments. 

But even a brave, trailblazing hen still needs her flock. I wonder how Zelda can have both? Hmmm...

This picture book is just adorable!  And inspirational.  #ChickPower!

Watch for ZELDA to hit coop shelves September 12, 2017.

Thanks for checking out my newly hatched blog!  Let me know what you think about it!